Tuesday, November 26, 2013

0.13 has been released

Hello, I uploaded Google::API::Client 0.13 to CPAN right now.

I merged pull request #12 from chylli. Thank you for your contribution!

So far, Google::API::OAuth2::Client supports parameters both approval_prompt and access_type. (see also: Using OAuth 2.o for Web Server Application)

If you have any suggestions or contributions, please feel free let me know or send pull requests.


Saturday, November 23, 2013


Hello, I uploaded Google::API::Client to CPAN!


via cpanm
cpanm Google::API::Client

via Carton, you will write below in cpanfile
requires 'Google::API::Client', 0.12;
or, you can try latest version like below.
requires 'Google::API::Client';

Currently, I am trying to write PhotoHunt application written in Perl like here.

Then, probably I will update Google::API::Client more convenient for you. Stay tuned!


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Google::API::Client 0.10 has been released


I've just updated Google::API::Client to 0.10.

Tagged at GitHub: https://github.com/comewalk/google-api-perl-client/releases/tag/0.10

Although I announced in previous post, I renamed OAuth2 module from OAuth2::Client to Google::API::OAuth2::Client.
If you are using this module, and if you will update your environment, please change your code.
Thank you for your patience.

And I uploaded 0.10 to CPAN! (Currently the module is not available)

I will let you know Google::API::Client is available on CPAN.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Preparing upload to CPAN


I received the request several times, upload this module to CPAN. In these day, in Perl world, cpanm and Carton are useful tools for installing modules. And these tools use CPAN. I think it's time to upload this module to CPAN.

I filed an issue on GitHub below.

Also, it includes important changes. My module has OAuth2::Client. But I think it's not good namespace for CPAN world. I should rename the module to Google::API::OAuth2::Client. I filed it at #9.

Both of them will be solved soon.

I will let you know after fixing them and uploading to CPAN here and mailing list.