Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bump version to 0.14

: I'm implementing new version 0.15. Please wait for a while. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello, I merged following pull requests. Thank you for your contributions, razsh, richieforeman and ljanvier.

By #14, redirect_uri parameter is not required. It related to Cross-client authorizetion.

By #15, we can use Signed JWT. See also: Using OAuth 2.0 for Server to Server Applications.

#16 may be affected your application. Before this change, if an API returns 204 (No Content), execute method returned undef. After this change, execute method returns 1 in 204 response.

These updates will be uploaded CPAN soon.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free let me know or create an issue on GitHub.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

0.13 has been released

Hello, I uploaded Google::API::Client 0.13 to CPAN right now.

I merged pull request #12 from chylli. Thank you for your contribution!

So far, Google::API::OAuth2::Client supports parameters both approval_prompt and access_type. (see also: Using OAuth 2.o for Web Server Application)

If you have any suggestions or contributions, please feel free let me know or send pull requests.


Saturday, November 23, 2013


Hello, I uploaded Google::API::Client to CPAN!

via cpanm
cpanm Google::API::Client

via Carton, you will write below in cpanfile
requires 'Google::API::Client', 0.12;
or, you can try latest version like below.
requires 'Google::API::Client';

Currently, I am trying to write PhotoHunt application written in Perl like here.

Then, probably I will update Google::API::Client more convenient for you. Stay tuned!


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Google::API::Client 0.10 has been released


I've just updated Google::API::Client to 0.10.

Tagged at GitHub:

Although I announced in previous post, I renamed OAuth2 module from OAuth2::Client to Google::API::OAuth2::Client.
If you are using this module, and if you will update your environment, please change your code.
Thank you for your patience.

And I uploaded 0.10 to CPAN! (Currently the module is not available)

I will let you know Google::API::Client is available on CPAN.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Preparing upload to CPAN


I received the request several times, upload this module to CPAN. In these day, in Perl world, cpanm and Carton are useful tools for installing modules. And these tools use CPAN. I think it's time to upload this module to CPAN.

I filed an issue on GitHub below.

Also, it includes important changes. My module has OAuth2::Client. But I think it's not good namespace for CPAN world. I should rename the module to Google::API::OAuth2::Client. I filed it at #9.

Both of them will be solved soon.

I will let you know after fixing them and uploading to CPAN here and mailing list.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Updated to 0.07

Unfortunatelly, this module didn't work update methods, POST / PUT / PATCH / DELETE. So far, it works well :)

You can see a sample like below.

$ git clone
$ cd google-api-perl-client
$ cat eg/calendar/
# QuickAdd
say '=== QuickAdd ===';
my $quickadded_event = $service->events->quickAdd(
    calendarId => $calendar_id,
    text => 'Appointment at Somewhere on June 3rd 10am-10:25am',
)->execute({ auth_driver => $auth_driver });
say $quickadded_event->{id};

# Recurring events
say '=== Make recurring events via patch ===';
    calendarId => $dest_calendar_id,
    eventId    => $quickadded_event->{id},
    body => {
        start => {
            timeZone => 'Asia/Tokyo',
        end => {
            timeZone => 'Asia/Tokyo',
        recurrence => [
)->execute({ auth_driver => $auth_driver });
say $quickadded_event->{updated};


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Updated to 0.06

I fixed the issue #5 which reported by uehatsu. (Thank you!) Then I updated version to 0.06.

And I added a few calendar API samples.

You can run like below.

$ git clone
$ cd google-api-perl-client
$ perl -I lib eg/calendar/