Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Released!

Hello Perl mongers,

I'm happy to say this. I just pushed Google API Perl Client to github right now.

If you try this module, you can run like below.

 $ git clone git://
 $ cd google-api-perl-client
 $ perl -I lib eg/urlshortener/

Also, I put psgi app.

 $ plackup eg/urlshortener/sample.psgi

If you embed this module in your application, you may need both Client ID and Client secret for private access. You can get Client ID and Client secret at Google APIs Console. Please replace "<YOUR CLIENT ID>" and "<YOUR CLIENT SECRET>" to your ones.

Samples list is following page at Google Project Hosting. I'll add more API samples later.

Also, this module is using Google Project Hosting. The URL is below.

I'll update this blog for announcements of Google API Perl Client. If you're interested in this module, please add this blog to your feed reader.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free let me know at Google Groups google-api-perl-client.


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