Friday, December 2, 2011

Fwd: Checking Google APIs Discovery Service

I'm too late here. I'm a little busy in these days. In the near future, I'll build a Calendar API v3 sample. And I'll try to brush up this module as more useful.

I posted an entry on my blog. I just quoted that whole paragraph into this blog.

$ cp $services.txt $services_yesterday.txt
$ curl -s | grep id > services.txt
$ cat services.txt
   "id": "adsense:v1"
   "id": "analytics:v2.4"
   "id": "analytics:v3"
   "id": "audit:v1"
   "id": "blogger:v2"
   "id": "books:v1"
   "id": "calendar:v3"
   "id": "customsearch:v1"
   "id": "discovery:v1"
   "id": "freebase:v1-sandbox"
   "id": "freebase:v1"
   "id": "groupssettings:v1"
   "id": "latitude:v1"
   "id": "moderator:v1"
   "id": "orkut:v2"
   "id": "pagespeedonline:v1"
   "id": "plus:v1"
   "id": "prediction:v1.2"
   "id": "prediction:v1.3"
   "id": "prediction:v1.4"
   "id": "shopping:v1"
   "id": "siteVerification:v1"
   "id": "taskqueue:v1beta1"
   "id": "tasks:v1"
   "id": "translate:v2"
   "id": "urlshortener:v1"
   "id": "webfonts:v1"
$ diff -bu $services_yesterday.txt $services.txt

I'm checking this everyday. I can find that Google add or remove APIs. You know how to use API Discovery resource like this :)


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